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What is eCollections?

eCollections is an initiative of the Fiscal Service which partners with the federal agencies to encourage individuals and businesses to pay electronically for the non-tax products and services offered by the government.

How will we do this?

Some of the key strategies in the eCollections initiative:

  • Partner with federal agencies to ensure they are using the right set of existing electronic options and to deliver a range of tools and tactics that help them increase electronic financial transactions, and enhance processing speed, efficiency and accuracy.

  • Identify key opportunities to help move paper payers to electronic channels. Key opportunities might include: recurring payments, e-billing, prefilled forms, and ACH credit, among others.

  • Set up and monitor success metrics and measure progress. Metrics might include: percent change from transactions started on paper to started electronically, reduced cost, and reduced paperwork burden, among others.

  • Partner with the Fiscal Service's Office of Chief Counsel to mandate electronic payment and remittances.

What are some of the tools and tactics for eCollections?

eCollections is about strategy, tools, and tactics. In addition to the strategies listed above, you can think of eCollections as a toolbox. When you open the toolbox, you find many possibilities, including: eCommerce tools, Pay.gov, ACH, cards, and other Fiscal Service and agency-controlled tactics.

See a more detailed list of eCollections tools and tactics

Can agencies help each other increase eCollections?

Agencies have told us that they want to share best practices, challenges, and approaches with other agencies that have similar types of collections. They asked Fiscal Service to facilitate meetings of similar agencies. To make that happen, the eCollections team divided the agencies into 6 groups/segments.

See a list of the six groups/segments

How will eCollections benefit the public?

Moving from paper to electronic remittances and collections will benefit citizens, businesses, the specific collecting agencies, and the government as a whole. Some of the benefits include:

  • Meeting the public's expectations for ways to pay for products and services offered by the government. We can do this by expanding options to include online bill payment, digital wallets, enhanced Pay.gov functions, and so on.

  • Ensuring that the channels agencies make available meet their customers' needs.

  • Helping agencies save money and giving agency staff more time to work on their core mission because electronic payments are more efficient than paper transactions.

  • Furthering the government-wide all-electronic initiative by the ways we expand payment options.

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