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Card Acquiring Service (CAS)

Getting Started

To create a new Card Acquiring Service (CAS) account or add locations to an existing account, fill out the CAS application form online.

How the application process works
  1. You complete the Card Acquiring Service Application form.
  2. Fiscal Service approves your application. (This takes about two weeks.)
  3. Fiscal Service sends your approved application to Vantiv (the CAS acquirer company).
  4. Vantiv sets up your account. (This takes about one week. Vantiv may contact you for more information.)
  5. You will receive your new Merchant Identification Number (MID).

If you want to accept payments through the Internet, we recommend that you work with Pay.gov (in addition to setting up a CAS account). To set up your Pay.gov account, get started with Pay.gov.

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