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Collections Information Repository (CIR)

Training and User Support

Training and user support for CIR is provided through several tools: Show-Me Demos, Job Aids, and a web-based training (WBT) program.

Show-Me Demos and Job Aids are convenient, user-friendly, illustrative references that are available for agencies and financial institutions to use at any time to become familiar with specific CIR functionality.

  • Show-me Demos are very short videos illustrating how to accomplish certain tasks which may be new to you or performed only occasionally. They remind you quickly about the steps to take for functions such as setting preferences and scheduling reports.
  • Job Aids are short reference sheets, often only a few pages, which guide you through new or unfamiliar features of the system with step-by-step instructions and sample illustrations. Some current topics are a navigation crosswalk of reports in the old and new formats, modifying report layouts, and working with PayPal information.

The CIR application has an in-depth WBT program that can be used once you have become a CIR enrollee. The WBT allows you to train and retake modules, as needed, provides new staff with detailed training, and gives you the convenience of training on your time and at your pace.

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