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SPS: Secure Payment System

Frequently Asked Questions

How can our agency get access to SPS?

Contact our SPS Help Desk at 816-414-2340 or kfc.sps.help.desk@fiscal.treasury.gov. The Help Desk will explain the user roles along with access requirements.

Can our agency SPS users access SPS from our network?

No, each user is restricted to accessing SPS from the PC or laptop where their SPS credential is inserted.

What do I do if I forget my password?

You would need to contact your Trusted Registration Agent (TRA) who will then begin the process of having your Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) identity recovered.

Can SPS accept our PIV badges as credentials?

Not yet. We are making changes to SPS functionality to accept your PIV badges as credentials. You should hear from us soon about this functionality.

Does SPS need a browser for access?

SPS does not need a browser; rather, the "self-contained" SPS uses a local Java Applet that does not depend on a browser for access.

Does SPS need a Java Plug-in?

SPS does not need nor depend on a browser based Java Plug-in. SPS uses a local Java JRE that is used exclusively to run the SPS Java Client.

Can we upload or import our schedules into SPS?

Yes. You’ll need to build your import file (440 file) to meet the new GWA 440 file format. This format specification can be found on the SPS home page.

Is there a way to enter payments/schedules automatically into SPS without having to type the data?

Yes. The Data Entry Operator (DEO) has a function called "Import" where schedules that are compliant with the SPS formats can be imported into SPS without typing the schedule data. This format specification can be found on the SPS home page.

What are the advantages of importing schedules?

The two biggest advantages of importing schedules are significant time savings for entering the data, and reduced risk of human error. While it could take upwards of an hour to type in a 60 payment schedule, the same schedule would take just a minute to import. Significant time savings can be realized immediately, as well as the elimination of any data entry errors since all information is now being gathered from the file..

Can payment data in an Excel spreadsheet be imported into SPS?

No. The payment data must meet the format and field edits found in this document: Schedule Upload 440 File Format V1.6.

What are the minimum user requirements for a federal agency to use SPS?

At a minimum, a federal agency using SPS is required to have at least one Data Entry Operator (DEO) and at least one Certifying Officer (CO). Additional requirements can be found on the SPS section of this website. It’s highly recommended that each Federal Program Agency (FPA) have adequate SPS backup.

How many Treasury Account Symbol (TAS)/Business Event Type Code (BETC)s can a payment have?

There is a minimum of 1 TAS/BETC and a maximum of 100 unique TAS/BETCs per payment.

How many TAS/BETCs can a schedule have?

There is a minimum of 1 TAS/BETC and a maximum of 1000 unique TAS/BETCs per schedule.

Can we create or import a payment/schedule without entering a Treasury Account Symbol/Business Event Type Code (TAS/BETC)?

No. Your Data Entry Operator (DEO) will have to enter a valid TAS/BETC when creating a payment/schedule. If importing schedules using the 440 file format, valid TAS/BETCs must also be in the schedule or the file will fail to import. SPS field validation and edits prevent empty mandatory fields such as the TAS/BETC field.

If we have additional questions regarding use of SPS as reporting ALCs, who should we contact?

Contact the Fiscal Service Kansas City Financial Center SPS Help Desk 816-414-2340 or e-mail kfc.sps.help.desk@fiscal.treasury.gov for any questions or additional information.

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