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Philadelphia Financial Center


The work at the Regional Financial Centers evolved from the relatively simple disbursement of handwritten checks into that of a major financial center, issuing payments by electronic funds transfer (EFT) and printing paper checks using high-speed check printers.

PFC plays a significant role in accounting functions with other agencies, as well as with gathering the information presented in the Monthly Treasury Statements.

For over 80 years, PFC has served as one of the nation’s disbursing centers responsible for producing a variety of government payments. In 2013, the Center printed and mailed over 23 million benefit, tax, and vendor payments for our federal agency customers.

Starting in 2013 we expanded our area of responsibilities by consolidating all Treasury disbursed post payment activities here at the Center. This includes the processing of all returned payments, reclamations, non-receipt claims, courtesy deposits and the return of these credits to our customers. These vital activities have returned over $13 billion to our federal agency customers.

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