Kansas City Financial Center

KFC Program Support

KFC Payment Management Call Center

Phone: 816-414-2100 or 855-868-0151
E-mail: Payments@fiscal.treasury.gov

The KFC Payment Management Call Center was established to provide assistance to the general public, federal agencies, and financial institutions on questions related to Treasury sponsored programs and Treasury disbursed payments.

While we address many other questions, below you will find several common topics:


  • Questions regarding enrollment
  • Inquiries into payment and application related issues

Child Support

  • Inquiries about child support payments originated by your agency
  • Questions regarding any matters related to the conversion of child support payments to EFT


  • Requests for password resets
  • Inquiries into payment and application related issues
  • Questions regarding enrollment and miscellaneous issues

Unidentified Payments

If a customer has received a payment and is unable to determine either who issued the payment or the reason for the payment, our staff can research the item.

We will gladly provide a valid agency contact who can address item specific questions.

Treasury Offset Program (TOP)

Updates/changes to the Treasury Offset Program


Phone: 816-414-2340

SPS PIN Recovery

  • Requests for password resets
  • Requests for name changes
  • Requests for Ikey replacement

Self-Service Error

  • Updates to PKI credentials or PIN

Installing SPS

  • Questions related to the installation of SPS

Java errors

  • Issues related to installed versions of Java

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