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US Debit Card

Features, Benefits and Uses

What are the features of the U.S. Debit Card?

  • Magnetic-stripe card
  • Issuance "on-the-spot," host-to-host, or over the Internet
  • PIN protection
  • Immediate activation
  • No bank account requirement
  • Use at ATM, POS, phone, etc.
  • Multilingual interactive voice response
  • Card cancellation anytime
  • Reports and statements available online
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Multiple card access of the same pool of funds

What are some of the uses for the U.S. Debit Card?

  • Temporary payrolls, personal services
  • Stipends, awards, and grants
  • Imprest funds, third-party drafts replacement
  • Overseas access to foreign currency
  • Travel payments to local visitors and international guests

Who is using the card today?

  • TRANServe, Department of Transportation
  • Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce
  • Wounded Warrior Program, Department of Defense
  • FEMA Corps – Department of Homeland Security
  • Forest Service, International Program - Department of Agriculture

* Over 40 additional agencies are using U.S. Debit Card.

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