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Check Claims

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have questions about a U.S. government check or other payment you have received or should have received, see Frequently Asked Questions for Check Recipients.

How can a financial institution find out if a check is a valid Treasury check?

Financial institutions can use the Treasury Check Verification Application (TCVA).

To find a check in the TCVA, you need the routing transit number (RTN), check number and dollar amount.

Note: Treasury checks are valid for one year from the issue date. You should not accept a Treasury check that is older than one year.

How can an agency get the check symbol or serial number for a check?

A Treasury Disbursing Office issued the check Contact the Regional Financial Center that services the agency that authorized the check
A Non-Treasury Disbursing Office issued the check Contact that office

As a federal employee, how do I know if a check is paid or outstanding?

You can see the status of a check either through TCIS or PACER On-Line

To see the status through TCIS, you need the payee's ID number and the date (month and year) of the check.

If a Non-Treasury Disbursing Office (NTDO) issued the check, you can see the status only if the NTDO reported issue information to the Bureau of the Fiscal Service.

What do I do if a payee reports non-receipt of a payment?

A stop payment must be placed on the check; you must submit an Unavailable Check Cancellation (UCC) within one year of the date the check was issued.

Can I change an Unavailable Check Cancellation (UCC) or a stop payment?

No. Once the system has processed the UCC or stop, it cannot be changed or deleted from the check record.

What must I do to ask for a handwriting analysis?

Send a letter with signature specimens of the payee and a copy of the check to:

Questioned Documents
Bureau of the Fiscal Service
Customer Service Branch
P.O. Box 51318
Philadelphia, PA 19115-6318

(Be sure to include your return address)

How long does it take to get a settlement check for a claim?

That depends. The Check Claims group must take its first action on a claim within 5 days after receiving a properly completed claim form.

The time to process a check claim is determined on a case-by-case basis. There are several actions that can be taken in processing a claim, such as requiring additional information from the bank of first deposit, the payee, or the issuing agency.

In addition, this process may require handwriting analysis, an investigative report by the U.S. Secret Service, and a refund from a financial institution.

How long does it take to get credit for different types of claims?

Agencies receive different types of credit on different schedules.

Reclamation credits Daily, after Treasury receives the money from the financial institution
Unavailable Check Cancellations (UCC) Daily
Limited Payability Cancellation Monthly

Do we get interest on reclamations?

No. Agencies do not get interest on reclamations.

How does Treasury settle claims when the original check was fraudulently negotiated?

Congress established the Check Forgery Insurance Fund (CFIF) to settle claims when a payee did not get a check and the original check was cashed fraudulently.

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