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Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP)

Recipient Organizations: General/Policy Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to Payment Requestors/Recipient Organizations to use the ASAP system?

There is no fee charged to Payment Requestors or Recipient Organizations to use the ASAP system. Any computer can be used as long as certain equipment and browser specification requirements are met.

Is there a minimum required award amount before a federal agency may place a grant or program on ASAP?

No, there is not a minimum required amount.

What is my ASAP ID?

The ASAP ID is a seven digit number ID assigned to a Recipiet Organization once they are enrolled in the ASAP application.

What procedures should be followed if changes occur within the organization i.e., contact names, addresses (including e-mail) and telephone numbers, individuals being added or deleted from the system.

Contact the Kansas City Financial Center to learn how to make these changes and if necessary complete the appropriate paperwork.

What should be done if someone forgets their password?

New password requirements allow users to self-service their password. This can be done by logging onto ASAP.gov and selecting the "forgot user ID" option.

How do I obtain a grant from the Bureau of Fiscal Service?

Although Fiscal Service helps grant-issuing federal agencies disburse funds to their grantees via ASAP.gov, Fiscal Service does not issue or award grants to recipient organizations. We recommend researching government websites like grants.gov.

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