Central Accounting Reporting System (CARS)

Classification Transactions and Accountability

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Classification Transactions and Accountability (CTA)?

The CTA component is a system used by Federal Program Agencies to report their monthly accounting activity to Treasury, Bureau of the Fiscal Service (Fiscal Service).

The CTA SF-224 monthly reports transmitted to Treasury are the basis of Treasury's publications to Congress and the public regarding federal revenues and expenditures.

CTA consists of three main sections:

Section 1 Classification and reclassification by Treasury Account Symbol (TAS)

Section 2 Payments and IPAC

Section 3 Collections.

What Does It Do?

The CTA component provides Federal Program Agencies (FPAs) that utilize Fiscal Service Regional Finance Centers for their disbursing activity the capability to submit their monthly statement of transactions to Fiscal Service.

The CTA component sends data to CAFÉ (Central Accounting Front End) and CAFÉ will then send the data to STAR (Central Accounting System).

The CTA component is comprised of four sections (tabs):
  • Section 1: Reclassifications,
  • Section 2: Payments,
  • Section 3: Collections, and
  • Section 4: Balance Indicator.
The preparer is able to enter data into Sections 1, 2 and 3 based on their GWA Reporter status. This will dictate which sections/lines of the Classification Transactions and Accountability component are enabled or disabled. The Balance Indicator section is informational only.

Other functions performed within CTA include:
  • the ability to submit supplemental reports,
  • system calculated totals and sub-totals,
  • scales that display balance conditions,
  • reduction of on-line entry by copying repetitive data fields,
  • interactive edits,
  • availability for historical data available on-line, and
  • the ability to process transactions on-line interactively.
All Classification Transactions and Accountability users also have the option to submit their SF-224.

What is the Bulk File Process?

As a Classification Transactions and Accountability users, you have the option to submit your Classification Transactions and Accountability via bulk transfer. You can submit your data using a properly formatted text file.

Bulk file formats can be found under "File Formats" on the Reference and Guidance page.

What Are The System Requirement?

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 6.0 or above)

How Do I Enroll?

You may request access to CTA by visiting the Enrollment page or clicking on "Register" located on the GWA system logon page (https://www.gwa.fms.treas.gov/).

GWA System users will be required to select the enrollment option and have their request routed to their supervisor for approval. Please note that employees will not be able to enroll or make modifications to their access unless their supervisor is already enrolled.

Where can I get further information?

Treasury Service Center Help Desk,
(877) 440-9476

Governmentwide Accounting Customer Relationship Management Division

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