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Government-wide Accounting

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service (Fiscal Service) has the critical responsibility of maintaining the federal government's set of accounts and serving as the repository of information about the financial position of the United States government.

The bureau closely monitors the government's monetary assets and liabilities at all times through its oversight of central accounting and reporting systems.

Fiscal Service oversight responsibilities include helping federal agencies use uniform accounting and reporting standards and systems and assuring the continuous exchange of financial information between federal agencies, the Executive Branch's Office of Management and Budget, and financial institutions.

The bureau also gathers and publishes government wide financial information for use in establishing fiscal and debt management policies. The public and private sectors are able to monitor the government's financial status using this financial data.

We're responsible for producing and maintaining various financial reports and information required by law on the financial condition and budget results of the U.S.government. The reports include:

This section of our website provides information on Fiscal Service government wide accounting programs and applications.

We also provide accounting guidance to the federal government and financial institutions through the Treasury Financial Manual and the U.S.Standard General Ledger (USSGL).

See our "Reports and Publications" section for the accounting reports and reference and guidance publications produced by the Fiscal Service.

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