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Notification of Change


Notification of Change (NOC) is used to change and/or correct account information for federal government transactions processed through the Automated Clearing House (ACH).

Although the federal government basically follows NACHA Operating Rules for NOCs, some of the data requirements for Federal government NOCs are not the same as those for commercial NOCs.

The procedures contained in this chapter apply only to federal government NOCs.
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A. Introduction to Notification of Change 6-2
When to use NOCs 6-2
When not to use NOCs 6-2
Processing Timeframes 6-3
If an Agency Does Not Respond to an NOC 6-3
Change Reason Codes 6-3
Claim Number Structure 6-4
Claim Number Structure Table 6-5
B. Other Change Methods 6-5
Financial Institution Actions 6-5
C. Refused Notification of Change 6-8
Federal Agencies Using Refused NOCs 6-8
Processing Timeframes 6-8
Refused NOC Codes 6-8

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