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For federal government payments made through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system, the recipient must enroll with the paying federal agency.

This chapter is a guide to the enrollment process for various payment types —-both consumer and corporate.

There are several enrollment options:

1. Automated Enrollment (ENR) through the ACH for federal benefit payments;
2. Telephone;
3. Paper Enrollment using FMS Form 1200 for SSA/SSI, RRB, and OPM payments and Direct Deposit Sign Up Form SF 1199A for other federal payments, or the ACH Vendor/Miscellaneous Payment Enrollment Form SF 3881 for corporate vendor payments).
4. Automated Enrollment (ENR) from the Financial Institution.

Errors in the Direct Deposit enrollment process are the primary cause of misdirected payments. Financial institutions will be held liable for providing incorrect enrollment information and should, therefore, carefully review all Direct Deposit enrollment procedures.

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January 2016 Revision (2.93 mb) PDF document


A. Automated Enrollment/ENR 1-4
Go Direct Online Enrollment Option for Financial Institutions 1-4
Payment Cycling 1-5
B. Simplified Enrollment 1-5
Telephone Enrollment 1-5
Paper Form Enrollment 1-5
Enrollment Methods for Specific Payments 1-6
Allotments,Federal Salary, and Federal Employment Related Payments 1-8
When Should Direct Deposit Begin Once it has been Initiated? 1-8
Simplified Enrollment for IRS Tax Refunds 1-9
Railroad Retirement Board 1-10
Social Security Administration 1-10
Office of Personnel Management 1-10
TreasuryDirect 1-11
H/HH Savings Bonds Interest Payments 1-11
Veterans Affairs Direct Deposit (VA) 1-12
C. Paper Enrollment Methods 1-13
FMS Form 1200 1-13
Sample Form 1200 1-17
SSA Single Payee Example 1-19
SSA Representative Payee Example 1-20
D. Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form (SF 1199A) 1-21
How to Complete the SF 1199A 1-21
Section 1 1-21
Claim Number Prefix 1-21
Claim Number 1-21
Claim Number Suffix 1-21
Claim/Payroll ID Table 1-22
When Using Witnesses 1-24
Power-of-Attorney 1-24
Section 2 1-24
Section 3 1-24
What Actions Should Be Taken Before Filing the SF 1199A? 1-24
Important Information for New Direct Deposit Recipients 1-25
How Are Forms Distributed? 1-26
What to do if Direct Deposit does not Begin 1-26
Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form (SF 1199A) Sample 1-27
SF 1199A Examples 1-28
E. Federal Financial EDI (FEDI) Payments/Vendor Payments 1-29
Overview 1-29
Delivery of Remittance Information 1-29
Enrollment 1-30
Enrollment Checklist 1-30
How to Complete the Enrollment Form 1-31
Agency Information 1-31
Payee/Company Information 1-31
Financial Institution Information 1-31
Form Distribution 1-31
Pointers for Completing SF 3881 Form 1-32
Sample ACH/Vendor Miscellaneous Payment Enrollment Form (SF 3881) 1-33
F. Enrollment Desktop Guide 1-35
ENR Tips and Information Checklist 1-39
Federal Agency Addresses and Phone Numbers 1-43
G. Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) 1-56
General Information 1-56
Financial Institution Role 1-56
H. Termination of Enrollment 1-56
Termination by the Recipient 1-57
Courtesy Notice 1-57
Termination by the Financial Institution 1-57
Recipient Notice to the Federal Agency 1-57

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