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Gold Book: The Check Reclamation Guide

Section 5: Overpayments

Procedure: The table below shows what to do if the financial institution overpaid the Notice of Direct Debit (U.S. Treasury Check Reclamation).

1 Write a letter to the Fiscal Service stating that the Notice of Direct Debit (U.S. Treasury Check Reclamation) was overpaid.

The letter must include the reclamation ticket number, the check symbol and the check serial number so the check can be identified in the Fiscal Service system.

This information can be obtained from the financial institution's file copy of the Notice of Direct Debit (U.S. Treasury Check Reclamation).
2 Attach a copy of the documentation as proof of duplicate payment.


Mail or fax letter to:

Department of the Treasury
Bureau of the Fiscal Service
P.O. Box 515
Philadelphia, PA 19105-0515
Fax: 215-574-4163

Returning Funds: After researching and verifying the request, Fiscal Service will promptly refund the amount of the overpayment. Treasury may refund the amount either by applying the amount to another reclamation debt in accordance with applicable law, or by returning the amount to the financial institution.

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