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Fiscal Service Data Registry

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service developed the Data Registry, an authoritative reference for information about government-wide financial data elements - specifically those data elements commonly used across multiple agencies.

The purpose of the Fiscal Service Data Registry is to promote the common identification, use and sharing of data/information across the federal government.

The registry contains information about definitions, authoritative sources, data types, formats and uses of common data.  Responsibility for establishing and maintaining the Fiscal Service Data Registry and data-related standards falls under the Fiscal Service Enterprise Architecture Team.

The Fiscal Service is also working with other federal government committees such as Fiscal Service Lines of Business (FSLoB) charged with the responsibility of maintaining a consistent and uniform set of financial management data-related standards.

Further detail about the Data Registry is available in the Treasury Financial Manual.

For more information or if you have questions, please send an e-mail to the Fiscal Service at data.info@fiscal.treasury.gov.

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