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FMS Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner Visit USS Harry S. Truman

On Oct. 29, FMS Commissioner David Lebryk and Assistant Commissioner for Federal Finance Sheryl Morrow toured the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman at Norfolk Naval Station to observe Treasury's Navy Cash Program in action. They were joined by Mike Burnum, Director of FMS' Agency Enterprise Solutions, and FMS and Navy personnel who manage the Navy Cash Program.

Navy Cash is a service designed to reduce the amount of cash on board Navy ships through the use of a stored value card, which can be used at the ship's store, in vending machines, and for other purchases. Navy Cash provides Sailors and Marines with secure and convenient access to their personal funds while deployed. The object of this program is to provide a cash management solution to the Navy's challenge of transporting cash and coins on ships.

Members of the Navy Cash team from FMS' Financial Agent JPMorgan Chase, and from L-3 Communications and the consulting group LMI, provided an in-depth look at the Navy Cash Program, from back-office operations to data transmission to and from the ship.

Commissioner Lebryk told the group, "Navy Cash is one of the programs we are very proud of at FMS because of how it supports overall Navy and Marine Corps goals of increased cash efficiencies aboard ship. We also are proud to support our Sailors and Marines by providing safe and easy access to their money."

The FMS tour team first gathered at the Fleet and Industrial Supply Center (FISC) Norfolk, where they were greeted by FISC representatives including Commanding Officer, Capt. Ruth Christopherson, Capt. Joe Hennessy and Hugh Chin. FISC provides Fleet support for Navy Cash by working with the Fleet to answer questions and solve problems, and represents the Fleet by addressing Fleet issues at Navy Cash management meetings.

While boarding the USS Harry S. Truman, Commissioner Lebryk was honored by the ringing of eight bells. Aboard the ship, the FMS leadership team was greeted by the Executive Officer, Navigator, Assistant Supply Officer, and Disbursing Officer. FMS leadership dined in the officers' mess and paid for their meal using their new Navy Cash cards. The group then visited the disbursing office where they saw a demonstration of how Navy Cash has dramatically reduced costs and removed workload from the ship.

"It was a true pleasure to have an opportunity to provide a tour to the U.S. Treasury's FMS Leadership group," said Lt. Cmdr. Mark Garrigus, the ship's Assistant Supply Officer. "The visit afforded us a few hours to give a walking tour of the ship's spaces and discuss the roles and missions of the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier within the context of the Maritime Strategy and how systems such as Navy Cash play into the equation."

One benefit of Navy Cash is a reduction in the number staff needed to manage cash on ships; however, the largest benefit of the program is how it serves the Sailors and Navy personnel aboard the ships. Having safe and secure access to personal funds means having one less thing to worry about during deployment.

"As compared to my tour of duty as a Disbursing Officer years ago in a strictly cash environment," added Lt. Cmdr. Garrigus, "my Disbursing team now enjoys the manpower savings, added security to the sailor, and increased banking flexibility that Navy Cash has brought to the table. It is truly a step into the future to be able to gain access to your hometown bank and conduct cashless transactions throughout the ship while at sea."

According to Edie Johnston, Navy Cash Logistics Coordinator for Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP), which serves as the Navy program office for the Navy Cash program, "Navy Cash allows the fleet to have full and easier access to their funds while allowing deploying ships to carry and handle less cash than ever before."

At full rollout, Navy Cash is projected to reduce the demand for hard currency aboard Navy ships by $73 million per year. Navy Cash is currently operating on 146 Navy ships, with full Fleet installation scheduled for completion in fiscal year 2010 and continuing installations on newly constructed ships.

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