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Sheryl Morrow, Commissioner

Sheryl MorrowOn June 30, 2014, Sheryl Morrow began serving as the commissioner of the Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service (Fiscal Service). In her role as commissioner, Sheryl provides leadership, policy direction, and guidance for the bureau’s debt financing and financial management programs.

The bureau issues over one billion in federal payments worth $2.4trillion to more than 100 million people; collects nearly $3.2 trillion in federal revenues each year; and collects more than $6.2 billion in delinquent debts. The Fiscal Service is responsible for the issuance of more than $7.7 trillion in marketable securities to finance the public debt.

The bureau manages a daily cash flow of more than $67 billion and accounts for the federal government’s debt of more than $16 trillion. The Fiscal Service produces the Daily and Monthly Treasury Statements, the Monthly Statement of the Public Debt, and the Financial Report of the United States Government.

From December 2012 – June 2014, Sheryl served as the deputy assistant secretary for fiscal operations and policy at the U.S. Department of the Treasury, where she provided day-to-day support to the fiscal assistant secretary across a broad range of topics, including the federal government’s cash management operations, payments, collections, investment fund management, and delinquent debt collection.

Prior to her time in Treasury’s departmental offices, Sheryl served as the assistant commissioner of payment management and was the chief disbursing officer at the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Financial Management Service (FMS). At that time, Sheryl was responsible for disbursing more than 1.2 billion payments each year, including tax refunds and Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, veterans’ benefits, railroad retirement, and civil service retirement payments. She also was responsible for managing three regional financial centers which processed 85 percent of all federal payments totaling $2.1 trillion annually, 90 percent by electronic funds transfer.

From July 2007 – January 2010, Sheryl served as the assistant commissioner of federal finance at FMS. Sheryl was responsible for managing nearly $3.2 trillion in annual federal revenue collections. She managed multiple systems used to collect government receipts, including the electronic federal tax payment system and the electronic check processing system. She also implemented e-commerce solutions for government payments, and was responsible for leading the collections and cash management modernization initiative which re-architected the federal government systems used to collect federal revenue.

Sheryl began her government career in 1978 with the Department of the Army and moved to the U.S. Customs Service in 1980, serving as an accountant in both positions. She joined FMS in 1983 and held a variety of leadership roles during her 30 years-of-service there. Sheryl is a graduate of George Mason University in Virginia with a degree in business administration, majoring in accounting and economics

Executive Management

  1. Sheryl Morrow, Commissioner
  2. Wanda Rogers, Deputy Commissioner
  3. Kim McCoy, Deputy Commissioner
  4. Paul Wolfteich, Chief Counsel
  5. Steve Manning, Assistant Commissioner and CIO, Information and Security Services (ISS)
  6. Dara Seaman, Assistant Commissioner (Treasury Securities Services)
  7. John Hill, Assistant Commissioner (Payment Management)
  8. Corvelli McDaniel, Assistant Commissioner, (Revenue Collections Management)
  9. Matt Miller, Assistant Commissioner (Fiscal Acccounting Operations and Governmentwide Accounting)
  10. Jeff Schramek, Assistant Commissioner (Debt Management Services)
  11. Marty Greiner, Assistant Commissioner (Management Services)
  12. Doug Anderson, Assistant Commissioner, (Shared Services)
  13. Marissa Schmader, Acting Assistant Commissioner, (FInancial Innovation and Transformation)
  14. Lori Santamorena, Executive Director (Government Securities Regulation Staff)
  15. Joyce Harris, Director (Public and Legislative Affairs Staff )
  16. April Battle, Director, (Agency Outreach)
  17. Montrice Yakimov, Director, (Enterprise Risk Management)

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