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Issues Resolution Committee (IRC) Meeting Minutes

May 09, 2013


This meeting was held at the Metropolitan Square building, 655 15th Street, NW., Rooms 6N201 and 6N202, Washington, DC.

Michele Crisman (Fiscal Service), USSGL Advisory Division (USSGLAD), opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending. Introductions were made.

Michele announced to the group that Edwin Walker (Fiscal Service) had accepted a job with the Department of Housing and Urban Development and would be leaving the Fiscal Service.


  • Draft IRC April 18, 2013, Meeting Minutes
  • Draft Summary of Changes (SOC) for Bulletin No. 2013-xx
  • Draft USSGL Attribute Table
  • Draft USSGL Crosswalk – Budget Program and Financing (P&F)
  • Draft USSGL Crosswalk – SF 133: Report on Budget Execution and Budgetary Resources
  • Draft Data Validations – Summary Report
  • Draft Data Validations – Detail
  • Draft Data Edits — Detail Report
  • Draft Closing Edits – Detail Report


April 18, 2013, IRC Meeting Action Items

Michele stated that the first agenda item discussion would be to update the IRC on the status of the action items created as a result of the April 18, 2013, meeting.

Jonnathan Diaz Olivo (Fiscal Service) reviewed the action item list created from the April 18, 2013, meeting. Jonathan presented the status of each action item and provided a handout with the information.

Cindy Scharf (LOC) suggested a change to the minutes to clarify that the required implementation date for reporting the trading partner main account code has been pushed back to fiscal 2015. The minutes will be revised to include this change.

Changes to the USSGL Attribute Table

Michele presented a high-level review of the changes to the USSGL Attribute Table. She explained that changes to the Attribute Table would affect the SF 133: Report on Budget Execution and Budgetary Resources, the Budget Program and Financing (P&F), and Statement of Budgetary Resources (SBR) crosswalks. However, the USSGLAD staff has been working with OMB to revise the SF 133 and P&F. Since the SBR doesn't affect agencies' GTAS testing, it will be revised in the June 2013 USSGL TFM Supplement release.

Michele notified the participants that a revised SOC would be posted to the handouts Web page and that the agencies should use the revised SOC for their reviews.

Changes to the SF 133: Report on Budget Execution and Budgetary Resources, and the Budget Program and Financing (P&F) Crosswalks

Lisa Smith (Fiscal Service) presented a high-level review of the changes to the SF 133 and the P&F crosswalks. Lisa provided copies of the SF 133 and P&F crosswalks. All comments are due to Michele and Lisa Smith by close of business June 7, 2013.


Shannon Redding (Fiscal Service) updated the participants on recent changes to validations 21, 24, 25, and 34. She also explained changes to edits 21, 22, and 23.


Shannon continued with a discussion of Special Validations 36 through 53.

Teresa Tancre (OMB) asked how the USSGL accounts used in Special Validation 44 were determined. Shannon responded that she would get back to Teresa on this issue.

Webster Coleman (DOL) asked what will happen after the June 30 quarter 2 submissions. Shannon replied that agencies will be able to upload and test bulk files during July and August before GTAS goes live. This will be communicated to agencies via email.


Shannon announced that there will be GTAS webinars next Tuesday and Wednesday (May 14 and 15). To ensure all participants can access the webinars, agencies will be invited to either the Tuesday or Wednesday webinar.

Shannon also explained that the ATB submission status moved some agencies data back to the failed edits status. She advised that, if this is the case, agencies re-upload their bulk files in case something was changed that would cause a failed edit.


Shannon presented an overview of edits 1 through 12. For edit 5, Teresa will provide more information based on research performed previously at OMB. Shannon will get back to Teresa on this issue. Marilyn Evans (Treasury) questioned why USSGL account 119500 is listed under GTAS Edit 7 if Treasury is not currently reporting any balances into that account. Jonnathan will research this to see if any agency other than Treasury is currently reporting this account as Federal activity. If the answer is "No," then he will remove USSGL account 119500 from the fiscal 2014 FMS 2108 since there will be no need to crosswalk to this statement. Therefore, it also will be deleted from GTAS Edit 7.


Michele opened up a roundtable discussion. A participant from Education inquired as to which agencies are using Oracle 11 for financial reporting and are experiencing problems with testing. Other participants confirmed that their agencies are using Oracle 11. It was noted that once an agency upgrades to Oracle 12, it can't go back and run FACTS I and FACTS II. Michele will respond to this issue.

Michele informed the group that there will not be a board meeting in May since the June release will not include any new accounts. There will be an IRC meeting on June 13 for review of all the changes to the TFM USSGL Supplement.


  • Determine whether USSGL account 119500 should be deleted from the fiscal 2014 FMS 2108.


Michele again thanked everyone for their attendance and adjourned the meeting.


Michele Crisman, Fiscal Service
Jonnathan Diaz Olivo, Fiscal Service
Edwin Walker, Fiscal Service
Lisa Smith, Fiscal Service
Shannon Redding, Fiscal Service
Tia Harley, Fiscal Service
Melanie White, Fiscal Service
Deborah Barrett, Fiscal Service
Karen Shepard, Fiscal Service
Jeff Taberner, Fiscal Service
Kent Linscott, Fiscal Service
Cindy Scharf, Library of Congress
Maryla Engelking, DOD
Tony Somathiti, OPM
Marilyn Evans, Treasury
Steve Corbin, DOJ
Webster Coleman, DOL
Teresa Tancre, OMB
David Leslie, DOJ
Michael Ward, GSA
Yong Sun, HUD
Vickie Massey, FCC
Julio Rios, FCC
Shakira Ross, DOC
Hesham Aziz, USDA
Alexandria Kindle, USDA
Vicky Liu, Treasury
Carol Gowen, State
Danielle Thomas, Treasury
Ava Lun, State
Arthur Chin, HUD
Alana Dubois, HHS
Valerie Grant, JMD
David Bethea, JMD

On the phone:

Jacqueline Baskerville-Harvey, FCC
Teresa Lampkin, DOT
Charles Matthews, DOT
Drena McDaniel, DOT
Sandra Jones, Fiscal Service
Jerry Myer II, Fiscal Service
Paul Saunders, Fiscal Service
Jill Hearn, Fiscal Service
Paul Larsen, Fiscal Service
Amber Batson, Fiscal Service
Patricia Eagle, Fiscal Service
Daniel Smith, USPTO

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