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Electronic Funds Transfer

Monitoring and Performance

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service is responsible for agency compliance under the electronic funds transfer (EFT) provisions of the Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996 (DCIA). This legislation was enacted as Public Law 104-134 on April 26, 1996. The EFT provisions of the DCIA were published in 31 CFR Part 208, Management of Federal Agency Disbursements, as a final rule on September 25, 1998.

The regulation requires that, subject to the authority of the Secretary of the Treasury to grant waivers, all Federal payments (other than payments under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986) made after January 1, 1999, must be made by EFT.

For complete information on waivers, the circumstances under which waivers are available, and the responsibilities of Federal agencies, see these Federal Agency Guidance or Vendor Guidance.

Since the passage of the DCIA in 1996, agencies EFT conversion efforts continue to climb as reflected on the EFT Performance Chart below highlighting the projected and actual goals:

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Fiscal Year Projected Goals Actual
1995 50% 50%
1996 51% 53%
1997 57% 58%
1998 63% 63%
1999 69% 68%
2000 70% 70%
2001 71% 72%
2002 73% 73%
2003 74% 74%
2004 75% 75%
2005 76% 76%

Last modified 02/20/19