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Centralized Receivables Service

Centralized Receivables Service (CRS) Transition Updates

Welcome to the CRS Transition Updates page. This page contains valuable information about CRS's transition to a new software platform. Return to this page periodically to find the most up-to-date information. Please reach out to with any questions.

What is Happening?

The CRS program will transition to a new technology platform hosted by CRS's new Financial Agent, PNC Bank. This solution will offer new payment options and other enhanced capabilities to engage customers and manage agency program receivables more effectively.

CRS's goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible for agencies. The plan is to go live as soon as possible with the same or equivalent functionality that agencies have today, then roll-out new features over time. Look for transition milestones and timelines in Fall 2022 on this page and in future CRS technical bulletins.

When is it Happening?

Current program data is being analyzed to thoroughly understand and plan for the mapping and transition process. Transition milestones and timelines will be communicated in Fall 2022.

What will Change?

  • The CRS landing page and navigation through the system will have a different look and feel and offer more features.
  • The new CRS solution will offer flexible workflows that allow for improvement of current business processes.
  • CRS’s goal for the new solution is to improve and streamline the collection process. If any agency-specific changes are needed, they will be reviewed with the program area(s) as part of the transition process.
  • Agency customers/debtors will be able to make automated payments online or by phone using an enhanced interactive voice response (IVR) system.

What will not Change?

The new CRS platform will continue to be Internet-based, and easily accessed through Fiscal Service’s Single Sign-On (SSO). CRS will still be compatible with MS Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox while complying with all government-required security protocols.

CRS will continue to ensure agencies comply with Federal Claims Collection Standards, Debt Collection Improvement Act, and other Treasury and debt collection laws and guidance. CRS will continue its seamless referral of delinquent debts to Treasury's Cross Servicing system.

CRS’s plan is to use existing file connectivity and file formats to prevent the need for agency technical staff to make updates during transition. No changes are anticipated.

What are the Benefits?

  • Streamlined invoicing paired with active follow-up collection work resulting in increased collections.
  • Enhanced ad-hoc reporting for better analytics capabilities.
  • Custom role-based dashboards to keep important data at hand.
  • Technical innovations resulting in an improved customer experience.

What Type of Support Will I Get?


Program and Technical Support



Hands-on training will be provided to allow programs to get the most out of the new CRS solution. System, payment, and other questions will be addressed as they arise. Agencies will be provided with milestones, training and conversion timelines, and periodic updates about the transition. System changes and updates will be clearly communicated to users before taking place and will be accompanied by training as needed.

What Can I Expect Next?

  • Time will be allotted for agencies to ask questions about the transition during each of the monthly CRS User Group meetings.
  • Regular communications will be available to all users through scheduled meetings, technical bulletins, and the CRS Transition Updates webpage.
  • More support is available through e-mail with the CRS Liaison Group at

Last modified 08/25/22